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About Alonso Group

We are a multisectorial business group of reference in the national and international market with more than 55 years of experience. Currently, Grupo Alonso is made up of more than one hundred companies operating in three major business areas: Logistics / Energy and Infrastructures / Leisure and Services.

Mission, approach and values


Our mission is to provide added value to our clients and drive the progress of their businesses, society and the global economy. A capacity that we share from the diversity of our team and the freedom of our companies, giving us a unique personality in the market.

Legal approach

Promote economic growth and business competitiveness while respecting the environment.

Corporate values

Commitment in our work, to our clients, partners, workers, society and the environment.

Continuous effort from the whole team to achieve the goals defined and continue innovating.

Passion. We put passion into everything we do, with involvement and pride of ownership to achieve the best result.

Professional and human quality during the process and in the final result of our works.

Corporate values

Versatility, through our capacity to adapt to new challenges, open up to new markets and promote development. Freedom to fail is what gives us the courage to seek higher rewards.

Dynamism inside and outside our company. We generate movement within our environment and promote evolution. We move with the aim of surpassing ourselves and striving for excellence but with the simplicity of direct, close and professional attention to our customers and staff.

Our four 4E key

Ecology: To be environmentally and socially sustainable.

Economy: making our environment profitable.

Evolution: contribute to global development.

Balance: To be a lever for development with social, environmental and economic balance.

Working for a sustainable future

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